5 Super Powers People With Anxiety Have According To Science

If you suffer from anxiety, you may focus only on the negative aspects of how it affects your life. Well you may be pleased to know having an anxiety disorder does have some silver linings. Anxiety can actually impart some hidden ‘super powers’ on you.
No, you won’t be strutting around like a Marvel comic book character, but nonetheless, these effects can be an added benefit to your day-to-day life and social interactions.

It all starts with the fact that anxiety increases your perception of the world around you.

If you had the chance to read this article on how anxiety affects your brain, you might recall that anxiety stems from apprehension about external threats.

Thus, people with anxiety tend to be very in-tune with their surroundings among other cognitive benefits.

Read on to uncover five super powers you may have due to your anxious mind!

1. Increased Intelligence

Recent research findings suggest that people with anxiety tend to have higher IQs than people with little or no level of chronic anxiety. The researchers report, “…worries, as well as total anxiety symptoms, were greater in those with higher IQ.” Hypothetically, since anxious people tend to be more analytical, it makes sense that they are more intelligent.


This may also explain why people with exceptionally high IQs are also often afflicted with anxiety disorders. Perhaps it just comes with the territory that being sharp and perceptive also means being more apprehensive. Either way, being smart goes a long way in life!

2. Heightened Clairvoyance

You might doubt the existence of clairvoyants – people who can predict the future. However, a study from the European Journal of Psychology notes that people with high amounts of anxiety are quicker to detect impending danger.


Given this, anxiety acts much like a life-saving super power. Being able to sense forthcoming danger can help you avoid threatening situations.

3. Enhanced Shrewdness

Being lied to is pretty darn frustrating. Thankfully, people with anxiety are generally shrewd and able to sniff out lies quickly. Being especially cautious and attentive means people with anxiety are likely to connect the dots when a fabrication doesn’t make sense.


Not only that, but anxiety makes you nobler. Anxious people tend to be more aware of the well-being of those around them. If something isn’t right or someone is not in good spirits, chances are an anxious individual will seek to remedy the situation.

4. Greater Empathy

Having an empathetic disposition is one of the rarest qualities to find these days. People with anxiety are generally the most nurturing individuals to be around because they genuinely care about the welfare of others.


It’s only natural that being able to detect the emotion and energy (see super power #5) of others will lead to a more empathetic individual.

5. Ability to Sense the Energy of Your Surroundings

This is arguably the greatest super power anxious individuals exude. Being able to sense the energetic balance of those around you allows you to determine potential negative or positive bonds. It goes without saying that people with anxiety tend to interact poorly with those who have negative vibes.


On the flip side, connecting with positive mindsets is one of the best remedies for calming an anxious individual. Anxiety is very much the culmination of fearing negative outcomes, so finding those positive people around you is only going to help.

What Are Your Super Powers?

At the end of the day, anxiety (and anxiety disorders) aren’t purely negative aspects of life. If you’re someone who deals with a lot of anxiety, chances are you have many (or all) of these super powers. People with anxiety are some of the strongest, most honorable individuals you will ever meet.

Do you or does someone you know have any of these hidden super powers? Maybe you have some other anxiety-based super powers not listed in this article? We would love to hear about your abilities in the comments below!


  1. This was so validating. I am an anxious person but I think that I have all those “super powers” in some degree. Never looked at it quite that way.

  2. watching those criminal minds tv shows id see a guy with anxiety n go hey that guys just like me,however joy would turn to fear of what my brains up to when those people all end up serial killers,however i also saw guys like mozart,einstein and super man,spiderman and think,thats like me again,only using my diferrence in making the world a better place.although i nolonger believe ill fly like superman when my powers get activated,im an artist and musician now(obviously)and everytime writters show off theyre stuff,i always win.when i sing in a place where people talk loud over the music with other bands,they shut it n listen to me.

    1. Haha thanks for sharing Abel, a lot of prominent historical figures, especially in the arts, sciences, and philosophy, suffered from anxiety and or depression. I’m highly analytical which can lead to stress and anxiety but also help me in the smarts department. There are two sides to every coin and I like to look at the good side more than the bad.

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